Nursing  the profession serving Social Well being

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“The Indian Nursing Council” manages Nursing in India. There is a uniformed standard of training established for Nurses, health visitors and Midwives. It is an autonomous body of the Government of India, taken care by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The physical and mental work-ability is of great concern for persons belonging to this profession. Within an organisation a Nurse plays an important role, there are multitude of activities conducted by these professionals depending upon the qualification and designation of the same.

Every health care system considers Nursing as an essential part for their survival into the market. Nursing is a multitasking profession, beginning from dispensing medication, managing and operating medical equipment, managing progress report of the patient, administration of the concern job responsibilities and regular work. All this with patience, tolerance and devotion is of great deal for any individual to perform.

BSc. Nursing College in Indore provides with the high class quality education to the students with individual focus and advanced teaching learning aids.  There are many courses of different levels having different scopes and professional variations.

The courses involve-

  • Certificate Courses
    • Certificate Course in Auxiliary Nurse and Mid-wife
    • Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care(CHCWM), etc.
  • Diploma courses
    • Diploma in Health Assistant(DHA)
    • Diploma in Neuro Nursing
    • Diploma in Home Nursing
    • Diploma in CVT Nursing
    • Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery(GNM)
    • Diploma in Nursing Education and Administration, etc.
  • Post Basic Diploma
    • Post Basic Diploma in Orthopaedic and Re-habitation Nursing
    • Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
    • Post Basic Diploma Operation Room Nursing(PBDORN), etc.
  • Post Graduate Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Neo-Natal Nursing
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing, etc

and many more courses are offered by different universities and colleges. Many pioneer organizations like Nursing college in Indore are set ahead because of their  great academic background and record. The professionals in Public Health Nursing/ Community Health Nursing work in both government and private clinics, health care departments situated at urban as well as rural demography  provide medical assistance to the needy.

Within the syllabus designed for Nursing, some more things are brought into light for consideration, such as

  • Behavioral Science
  • Nursing Foundation
  • Nursing Administration Practical
  • Nursing Education and Research, etc

Study of this course brings out following objects:

  • Make the student capable of reaching the goal,
  • To conduct relevant activities for becoming proficient with skills required for being into the profession.
  • Preparing for the Research and Development activity

The different courses have some things like basics in common, but variety in the in-depth knowledge of the same. The specialisation specific subjects are the one in which a student wants to get certification and degree of specialisations.  There is always demand of an eligible and efficient employee to the organisation, who can provide dedicated and loyal services to the organisation and serve the mankind.


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