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Egyptian Cotton Towels – Stronger, Softer, and Longer-Lasting

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If you live in a typical American household, you have a wide range of towels, bought at different times, in different stores, none of which match. You may not even have one complete set, other than the one you put out for when guests are at the house. Although we use our towels every day, we don’t generally pay a lot of attention to the ones that we have.

egyptian cotton towels

The luxury of egyptian cotton towels is not something that you and your family need to be without. Although these towels used to be extremely expensive and only the richest of the rich could afford them, you can now get a wide variety of them online at extremely affordable prices. Even though at a discounted price they may still seem more expensive than what you could buy in your local discount store, you will find that Egyptian cotton towels last longer and will provide you with luxury for years to come.

These towels are made from Egyptian cotton, which is a type of long fiber cotton. The difference between this and traditional cotton is clear as soon as you feel them. They are thicker, denser, and a lot softer. They are also able to absorb much more moisture, so even if you have the longest hair, you can just wrap your head in one of them and you won’t have to go through several towels like you might with normal cotton towels.

Egyptian cotton towels may be thought of as the most luxurious in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be priced that way. You can now buy them online at a much better price than you can get in your local department store, and you can have the very same luxurious towels in your own home that are found in the nicest hotels in the world.

What makes Egyptian cotton towels special? For one, they are far stronger than other towels. They have more threads per inch compared to bigger yarns, making them more durable. In towels, the more threads there are per square inch, the higher the thread count; and the higher the thread count, the stronger the fabric.

Initially, these towels are not very soft in texture-but this is temporary. Once these towels go into the wash, they will soften ever so gradually and become so much more comfortable to use. In just a few more washes, the cotton will feel nicely soft against the skin. In other towels, this could pose a problem. The more you wash other fabrics, the more they lose their color and their shape. Not for these towels made of Egyptian cotton!

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