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Are Egyptian Cotton Linens Really Worth The Hype?

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egyptian cotton bed linen

If you have gone shopping for bed linens within the last decade, chances are you have seen linens, towels and other products boasting that they were made with Egyptian cotton. You may have even had salespeople trying to convince you why you should purchase these types of products, and why they are superior to other cotton towels and linens.

However, do you really know what Egyptian cotton is, and why are people spending so much money to get this bed linen? Are egyptian cotton bed linen really that good? There are two answers, yes Egyptian cotton bed linen is that good, and no, it is not really that good. Confused? The following will provide you some basic information about these superior bed linens.

The Background
Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt. The River Nile is surrounded by fertile land, and it is in this soil that the cotton is planted and harvested. What makes the cotton unique from others is the fibers of Egyptian cotton is longer than the fibers from other types of cotton. The fibers are an average of twice as long. Longer fibers are able to be spun into yarn that is more durable and thinner than the yarn produced from other cotton plants.

Why Is Thinner Thread Important?
The thinner the thread, the more threads can be woven into a single space. As a result, the thread count will be higher. This is one of the reasons why it is not uncommon to find Egyptian cotton bed linens that have a thread count of 1000 or even 1200 threads per square inch. Thinner threads are amazingly stronger than thicker threads. The fabric lasts a lot longer than bed linens made from other fabrics, and this guarantees your linens are an investment. Imagine purchasing a set of luxury Egyptian cotton linens for £60 and they last for 10 or 20 years.

The Downside
There are not many downsides to purchasing. However, when you are purchasing bed linens that can promise you this type of durability, quality and long lasting nature, you should expect the linens to be slightly stiff initially. Although stiff when they are first removed from the package, they generally loosen up after being laundered a few times.

Higher Price Does Not Always Mean Higher Quality
If you are determined to get Egyptian cotton bed linen, there are some factors to consider. Remember that all bed linen that this type of linen has varying degrees of quality. Similar to other successful products, once the product becomes a hit among consumers, other manufacturers and businesses enter the industry to create their own brand of the product. The market quickly becomes flooded with different degrees of Egyptian cotton bed linens. Many of these manufacturers will sell their products at lower than normal prices, while others will charge above average prices for their bed linens. The price of the product should never be a determining factor because it does not insure the quality of the product. Instead, consider the reputation of the brand and the manufacturer. Have other customers been happy with their purchases from the manufacturer? Only purchase products from manufacturers who have a reputation of having high quality bed linens.

Egyptian cotton bed linens can be wonderful to sleep on if you purchase the linens wisely. Carefully research the brands that you are interested in so you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.

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